Student's let fear stop them,

Students have aspirations, but they often let their insecurities and surrounding factors prevent them from moving forward. They fear failure, let the opinions of others carry too much weight, and somehow let that voice of “not enough” stay around far too long. We don't like that, so we're doing something about it. We use their pain points in the thousands of fears we've collected to guide them with a plan in becoming their own hero, long after we leave. We would love the honor to serve your community.


Student's are empowered with a


Students finish the statement "I fear that..." relating to leadership or in their life.


Student's realize they're not alone and are provided with actionable strategies to overcome fears. 


Student's are challenged to live fearlessly through hearing student success stories and receiving the fearless bracelet.


Today I was in my organization's meeting and like many meetings before I had something to say, but didn't want to challenge others who might have different opinions. I looked down at my fearless bracelet and took the first "STEP" of raising my hand to voice my opinion. More people agreed with me than I would have ever imagined. Let the fearless life begin..haha.

- 10/25/16

I've thought about being fearless a lot today. I had an interview this morning for a position that would financially change my life in amazing ways. Naturally, I was nervous. I had my bracelet on; I touched it twice during an interview which gave me just a simple reminder that I'm fearless on the inside.

- 2/26/17

For spring break I studied abroad in Ecuador for 10 days. The trip was exciting yet frightening. I kept my “I am fearless” wristband on all week, and it helped get through the week and to make the most out of my experience. Every time I felt nervous and wanted to “clam up,” got lost and wanted to freak out, the wristband was always a reminder to me that I am strong, smart, and brave, and I can do anything that I could put my mind to”

- 5/2/17

"We met not too long ago at a speech you gave at my school. You know how you said the bracelets connect us all and gave us strength? Make sure yours is on tonight. I'm going on a date for the first time. Wish me luck. Thanks. "

- 11/5/16

We understand how student's feel because

collected and analyzed
bracelets donated

Why fear?



Will you run for student-body office with me? As a heavily involved student leader on campus, that question should have been an easy yes, right? Not when that voice of fear starts talking!

After overcoming self-doubt, running and losing by 19 votes in the closest election in school history, and surviving, Darryl wondered how many of his peers let that voice win? He has since dropped out of Corporate America, wrote two books, analyzes thousands of student's fears, and travels the nation providing solutions for student's earning to overcome fear and get to their next level.

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