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Leading Fearlessly: Overcoming Your Fears to Step Up & Stand Out

Leading is hard, doing it without fear is even harder! After reading thousands of students’ secret fears, Darryl noticed a pattern. He realized there are four questions we ask ourselves that determine how fearlessly we lead; Am I enough? What if I fail? What will they think? Do I have the resources? Based on how students answer those four, will determine how fearlessly they live and lead. In this keynote, students can identify their fears to stepping up, see the similarities with their peers LIVE while learning actionable strategies to conquer fear. Students leave more connected with their fellow student leaders and more empowered to take risks to leave a positive legacy on their campus.

*custom program iterations available for high school and CTE organizations 

The Fearless Greek - Fearlessly Living & Defending our Values

As a Greek leader during undergrad, and after collecting the fears of Greek students nationally, Darryl understands the concerns and fears of those in your community. Some concerns include What If I step up and fail? Will I be accepted if I speak out? Am I good enough? The Fearless Greek acknowledges that we do great things on our campuses, but challenges communities to do more to create a FEARLESS Community Culture. The keynote allows students to write their fears, realize they are not alone, and provides actionable strategies to build that culture. Fraternity and Sorority Life members will leave feeling energized and inspired to create a lasting legacy, challenge the status-quo, and lead fearlessly!

*program will vary based on specific community, council, or organizational challenges

First-Year Fearless: Building an UNBREAKABLE Foundation

New people, new place; possible first run at real freedom? The first year can be scary. What students don’t realize is that many of their peers are feeling the same way. First-Year Fearless allows students to identify their hidden fears about their upcoming year while hearing the concerns of their peers LIVE. Darryl shares commonalties and stories he has found from his research collecting fears around the country. Students will feel more connected to each other realizing they’re not alone. First-Year Fearless provides actionable strategies in an engaging keynote, so students create a solid foundation for their future undergraduate success.


Students finish the statement "I fear that..." relating to leadership or in their life.


Student's realize they're not alone and are provided with actionable strategies to overcome fears. 


Student's are challenged to live fearlessly through hearing student success stories and receiving the fearless bracelet.



"WOW…. He filled the room, and totally engaged his audience! Again, he was “inspiring! Darryl stayed throughout the afternoon, He spent much time spreading his kindness, and lots of dancing, “yes we had a dance off!”

Kathryn Shaw

St. Cloud State University
“After Darryl’s Fearless message, one of my student-athletes decided to pursue her own makeup business and to step outside of her comfort zone. She was a struggling Biology major until he made something click for her, and she is forever grateful! I cannot wait to have him back in the near future.”

LaTrese Barker

Norfolk State University/Athletics Academic Coordinator
"I can not begin to express how excited, moved and inspired I was by his keynote; I was so impressed I immediately encouraged the person who works with our Emerging Leaders program to book Darryl for that retreat."

Mindy Sides-Walsh

UNC Charlotte/Director of Leadership Development
“When I was looking for a speaker to hire for this event I had a few characteristics I wanted the speaker to possess. Not only was Darryl full of energy, but his approach to his entire presentation got the crowd to interact and ultimately have fun. He made the entire event look like he was one of our friends just talking to us about facing our fears and being a leader. I think this caused the event-goers to really open up more than if they felt like they were talking to a professor or lecturer.”

Matthew Giordano

University of Delaware/IFC President

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