Fearless Story

“This weekend was pretty rough for me. I’m really shy like I said before. But my roommates were just interested in drinking and smoking and doing drugs in the room. They weren’t supposed to, and I wasn’t comfortable with it. I was struggling to come up with the courage to say something to them. But then I remembered what you told me during our last conversation. And I said something. They ended up getting defensive and started threatening me. So, security moved me to another room. But I was proud of myself because I normally wouldn’t have said anything.”

Message From Darryl:

We all find ourselves in situations where we should speak up, but shy away for whatever reason it may be. For you, it could be in your life, campus organization, or even in your family. This message is a reminder for us all to push past that discomfort and always choose our values and what we know is right. This story inspires because this student pushed past comfort to stand for what they believed was the right thing to do. It was hard, but the decision was made on values and NOT fear. Way to go on being fearless and inspiring everyone who reads this to do the same.